What does an image of 10 years of cyber breaches look like?

Answer: Kind of a mess.

Lines of code with the word "hacked" in the middle.
Ransomware may have been stealing the headlines lately, but it’s no secret that data breaches have also been increasing in frequency and intensity in recent years. In case the seemingly overwhelming number of headlines wasn’t enough proof, Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned project created a visual to put it into perspective.

The result is a very long image showing the biggest known data breaches in the last decade. Starting in 2011, each breach is represented by a labeled dot, with the size of the dot representing the number of accounts breached. They start out pretty small and spaced out, but as you scroll further down the dots become significantly bigger and more frequent.

One of the scariest parts of it all is that this is most likely not a complete representation — it’s all but guaranteed that there are breaches that we don’t know about.
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