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What does Apple’s new Digital Legacy feature do?

Answer: Protects your data after you die.

A person holding up an iPhone X.
The safety of your data is the last thing you should have to worry about before you die, and Apple wants to make sure you don’t have to. That’s why it’s working on a new iOS feature that will ensure the safety of your data after you pass.

Called Digital Legacy, the feature is currently in beta for iOS 15, which won’t be available to the general public until the fall. The feature allows you to set up a legacy contact for when your time comes. That person, and no one else, will then be granted access to the data stored in your iCloud account for a certain amount of time after your passing. They, and only they, will be able to download or restore a copy of your iCloud data like photos, emails and notes.

Your legacy contact won’t be able to view sensitive information like credit card or login info. After the allotted time after your passing has elapsed (Apple hasn’t yet announced how much time that will be), Apple will revoke their access to your account and delete your data.
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