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What is one thing that AI appears to be really bad at?

Answer: Creating recipes.

Illustration of a brain with wavy blue lines going in the left side of it and straight blue lines coming out the right side of it.
If you’re considering turning to artificial intelligence to help you come up with a dinner recipe based on whatever you happen to have around, don’t. Recipes appear to be one thing that AI has not mastered.

Case in point: a new tool from New Zealand-based supermarket chain Pak‘nSave called the Savey Meal-Bot. It was designed to create a meal from whatever ingredients you happen to have around (you need a minimum of three) in order to prevent additional trips to the grocery store. However, it reportedly comes up with some pretty unsavory options. One user reportedly got a recipe for a “liquidy oregano-flavored milk sauce ... on a sage-marinated tofu and nori sandwich.” What?

And it has no scruples if the ingredients you give it are strange, or even dangerous. When Gizmodo reporter Kyle Barr asked it to make something with turbinado sugar, radishes, Oreos and CBD, it gave him a “Radish Oreo CBD Salad.” New Zealand political commentator Liam Hehir asked it to make him a drink with nothing but water, ammonia and bleach, and it gave him a recipe for an “Aromatic Water Mix” that any chemist could tell you would result in poisonous chlorine gas.

While someone probably wouldn’t put in those ingredients with the intention of actually making and consuming the result, it’s still a good example of why AI bots should have certain safeguards.