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What percentage of TikTok users are just lurkers?

Answer: 52 percent.

Closeup of the TikTok app icon on a smartphone screen.
For the uninitiated, lurkers are people who look at content on a platform but rarely or never post any themselves. And as it turns out, the majority of TikTok users are lurkers.

Pew Research Center recently surveyed 2,745 U.S.-based adult TikTok users and observed the accounts and posting behavior of 869 respondents. They found that 52 percent had never posted a video on the social media platform. Furthermore, only 40 percent had ever posted a video publicly.

The research also found that posters are usually more active than non-posters in general, with the median poster following about four times the number of accounts. They’re also five times more likely to have customized their bio.