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What social media platforms will no longer recommend political content by default?

Answer: Instagram and Threads.

Neck-down view of a person in a blue business suit with a red tie standing in front of a podium with two microphones on it. The image background is an American flag.
Meta wants political discussions on its platforms to be a more conscious choice. If you want to continue to have political-themed content recommended to you on Threads or Instagram, you’ll have to take the extra step to follow accounts that post said content.

Meta announced the change Feb. 9 both in an Instagram blog post and the Meta Transparency Center. It specifically affects Instagram Reels, Instagram Explore, and In-Feed Recommendations on both Instagram and Threads. The engines behind the recommendations you see in these feeds will not be pushing any political content unless it comes from accounts that you actively follow.

However, if you do still want to see recommendations of political content as a non-follower, you will be able to change your settings to allow this. The point is that it’s an opt-in feature, rather than opt out, so it’ll be turned off by default. Meta will be rolling the change out “slowly over time to get this right.”