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What tech platform doesn’t have a stories feature?

Answer: Seems like they all do these days.

Closeup of apps on a smartphone screen.
There’s no denying the success of the stories feature on social media. What started as one of Snapchat’s biggest appeals — posting photos that only stay up for 24 hours — has slowly spread to pretty much all social media channels. From Instagram to LinkedIn to Pinterest, stories are everywhere now.

But it seems they’re not content to stop at social media. Slack is reportedly in the process of adding stories to its platform. Microsoft is a little further along with its stories development, having just announced them for its Xbox app. Users will now see stories from game brands on both the iOS and Android versions of the app.

As of right now, Xbox stories can only be posted by brands and not users, so you won’t be blessed with stories from all your friends (or cursed with them, depending on how you look at it). But like most other platforms’ stories features, you’ll only see stories from brands and games that you follow.