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What was recently mistaken for a bomb at Boston Logan International Airport?

Answer: A damaged PlayStation.

Airport TSA security checkpoint
TSA agents and passengers alike got quite the scare over the weekend when a suspicious-looking device was discovered in someone’s luggage. Agents of the Transportation Security Administration were screening checked luggage at Boston Logan International Airport when they noticed said item and decided to alert the Massachusetts State Police bomb squad.

Passengers were reportedly ordered to quickly leave the vicinity through a secure checkpoint to be re-screened. One passenger told NBC News that the scene was a bit chaotic, with “people yelling and screaming like it was out of a movie.” Another posted a video on Twitter of the understandably confused crowd.

So what was this suspicious device? Turns out, it was just a defective PlayStation. The device was in “a degraded condition caused by age or damage,” which caused abnormalities when X-rayed. Just goes to show the benefits of upgrading your old tech.