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What’s a good way to avoid spilling a drink on your keyboard?

Answer: By turning your mug into the keyboard.

A cup of coffee next to a keyboard, calculator, pens and a pair of glasses.
Shutterstock/Oleg Krugliak
For those of you who live in fear of spilling your morning coffee on your keyboard, fear not. Google Japan has you covered. Last week it revealed a high-tech drink koozie that turns your beverage into your keyboard.

Gizmodo reports that the Gboard Yunomi was reportedly developed by Google Japan as an April Fools' Day prank for 2020, but decided to table it with all the other pranks that got set aside by the COVID-19 pandemic. But Google Japan decided to pull it out of the vault this year just before Japan’s Grand Kitano Tea Ceremony.

The device is modeled after the Japanese Yunomi teacup, which is tall and slender. The keyboard covers its entire outer surface, under which an ATmega32U4-AU microcontroller runs it. While Google will not be selling the Gboard Yunomi, it did post the firmware, build instructions and other plans to GitHub if you are so inclined to make your own. Learning to type on it would probably be the more difficult part anyway.

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