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What's the latest concerning talent that a robot has picked up?

Answer: Wielding lightsabers.

Darth Vader with a lightsaber
Star Wars character Darth Vader
Shutterstock/Stefano Buttafoco
There may be slight cause for concern here. A robot arm from Unitree Robotics has proven that it can not only hold a lightsaber, but fight with it too.

Designed to be attached to a quadruped robot, the Z1 robotic arm was created to help robots perform more complex tasks. With six degrees of freedom and the ability to add varying attachments, the arm can perform a wide range of tasks, from pouring a bottle of wine to battling a Sith lord. The Unitree team showed off this capability as part of its promotional video.

The robot can also be seen performing a variety of more mundane tasks, like tightening screws and picking up objects on an assembly line. Unitree offers two versions, the Z1 Pro and the Z1 Air.