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When is Twitter removing verification checkmarks from unpaid accounts?

Answer: April 1.

The Twitter logo on the outside of the company's San Francisco headquarters.
This seems like an Elon Musk prank in the making. Twitter, which Musk now owns, announced this week that it will be deleting the checkmarks on verified accounts that aren’t subscribed to Twitter Blue on April Fools’ Day.

Since he purchased the platform last year, Musk has made it no secret that he wanted to make Twitter’s account verification program a paid service. Previously, you could only receive a blue checkmark on your account after you proved to Twitter that you are the person your account says you are. However, since Musk took over, you have to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription ($8 a month) to get the checkmark. This has led to a host of scammers pretending to be people and brands that they’re not.

Until now, people who had received their checkmarks before Musk’s takeover still had them for free. Twitter is, supposedly, going to delete them on April 1 if they’re not Twitter Blue subscribers. But that is April Fools' Day and Elon Musk is in charge, so anything could happen.