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Where are ‘kamikaze drones’ currently being used?

Answer: Ukraine.

A drone flying in the air with a blurred landscape in the background.
Drones have become an integral part of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. This apparently includes sending the unmanned aerial vehicles on "suicide" dive-bombing missions.

This week the YouTube channel for the Security Service of Ukraine released video footage of drones being intentionally flown into Russian vehicles, soldiers and other drones. (Warning: The videos are not necessarily graphic, but they do depict implications of violence and bodily harm.) These drones are reportedly carrying explosive payloads designed to detonate on impact.

Unmanned aerial vehicles have played a significant role in the ongoing conflict. Russia has reportedly also used them for so-called “suicide attacks,” and Ukraine has also used them for air-to-ground attacks as well as surveillance. The Royal United Services Institute think tank estimates that Ukraine goes through about 10,000 drones a month.