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Where are some Tesla drivers experiencing buyer’s remorse?

Answer: Chicago.

A black Tesla vehicle from the back with its taillight illuminated.
“It’s kind of like, I don’t really want a Tesla,” Joshalin Rivera recently told the New York Times. The Chicago resident was one of many struggling to keep her Tesla vehicle charged in the bitterly cold temperatures that have plagued the city this week. Freezing temperatures and windchills up to –30 degrees have caused the batteries in many electric vehicles in the area to drain rapidly and recharge slowly.

EV owners like Rivera reported spending hours each morning waiting in line and then charging their vehicles, only to wake the next morning and find the battery so drained by the cold they had to repeat the process. And it’s not just Tesla drivers, either. Javed Spencer, an Uber driver who rents a Chevy Bolt, said he’s had to spend most of his time this week just charging his vehicle. Recharging the battery to full typically takes him an hour under normal conditions, but this week it has taken five hours.

“It’s been a roller-coaster ride,” said Nick Sethi, a 35-year-old engineer and EV owner who was feeling some buyer’s remorse like Rivera. “I’ll go through the winter and then decide whether I keep it.”