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Who is building the largest 3D-printed structure in the West?

Answer: The U.S. Army.

An American flag patch on a military soldier's arm
The U.S. Army is demonstrating its commitment to 3D printing by using the technology to build three new barracks. Once completed, the units, in Fort Bliss, Texas, will be the largest 3D-printed structures in the Western Hemisphere.

Each barracks will cover 5,700 square feet and house 72 soldiers. They’ll be printed with the Vulcan 3D printer from Icon using its proprietary Lavacrete mixture. Once the walls are complete, construction workers will add the roofs, doors, windows, wiring and other necessities that can’t be printed.

“This project supports all three Army priorities: people, readiness and modernization,” said Lt. Gen. Doug Gabram, commanding general of United States Army Installation Management Command. “Constructing facilities using this cutting-edge technology saves labor costs, reduces planning time and increases the speed of construction of future facilities. We are looking at other ways to use this innovative technique for rapid construction of other types of facilities beyond barracks.”