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Why did cyber attackers go after the Toronto Zoo?

Answer: Unclear, but it probably wasn’t about the animals.

A shape of a skull overlayed over lines of code.
A zoo might not seem like the most popular of targets for a cyber attack, but in this day and age, everyone is getting hit. This week Canada’s largest zoo reported that it was recently the victim of a cyber attack.

Fortunately, no animals or staff were harmed as a result of the incident. The zoo said it contacted the city, local police and third-party experts to help with its response and recovery. The zoo is still open to visitors and its website is still up and running.

As far as why anyone would want to hack a zoo, the answer is likely the same as why they attack any other organization — money. Zoos bring in millions in donations and grants, not to mention the revenue from daily visitors. Toronto Zoo said it is unclear if any guest, member, donor or employee records were impacted, but past visitors shouldn’t have to worry since the zoo doesn’t store credit card information.