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Why did Tesla suddenly halt sales of its infamous Cybertruck?

Answer: Because of a serious issue with the accelerator pedal.

Side view of Tesla's Cybertruck in silver. It is parked on a gray surface against a black background.
The bumpy rollout of Tesla’s Cybertruck continues. News broke over the weekend that the electric vehicle maker had halted deliveries of the truck for seven days, and the rumor is that it’s due to a problem that could lead to unintended acceleration.

The problem stems from the truck’s accelerator pedal. As a Cybertruck owner detailed in a video on TikTok, the pedal’s metal cover is not attached securely enough and can slip over time. This can cause it to become wedged between the pedal and the truck’s bulkhead, pushing the pedal all the way to the floor. Given the Cybertruck’s impressive acceleration speed of 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, unintended acceleration is understandably a serious issue.

It sounds like you can override the issue by holding down the brake until you can get the acceleration pedal free. Tesla did not release an official reason for halting deliveries, but several sources including Whole Mars Catalog have stated that it is because of the accelerator problem.