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Why did Twitter just rebrand to X?

Answer: To pave the way to becoming an “everything app.”

The headquarters of Twitter in San Francisco.
Twitter received a 1.5 percent payroll tax cut for moving its headquarters to the Central Market Street area.
(AP/Eric Risberg)
If your Twitter page started randomly displaying X's this morning, don’t be alarmed. It’s just another turn in the ongoing roller coaster that is the platform since Elon Musk bought it last year.

Twitter rebranded on Monday to X, unveiling a new logo and beginning the process of updating the online platform with it. The move is reportedly part of Musk’s plan to turn the app into a jack of all trades, like WeChat is for China. He envisions an app where people can do everything from post on social media to online banking transactions to ordering takeout and ride-shares. Rebranding to a more all-encompassing name is apparently the first step.

But the rollout hasn’t gone all that smoothly. Many users reported that the website was still using the words “Twitter” and “tweet” in many places (according to Musk, a tweet should now be referred to as an “x”). And a bug led some users, including former CEO Jack Dorsey, to a GoDaddy ad when they tried to follow the domain. And of course the Internet had a general field day making fun of it all.