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Why is Google Drive suddenly randomly deleting files?

Answer: No one seems to know.

A row of servers in a Google data center.
If you use Google Drive to store important files, you may want to look into a backup option. It seems there’s a random purge happening to some users’ files.

First noted by user Yeonjoong on the Google Support forums, the issue has been reported by a number of people over the past few days. Most mention that their Google Drive is now missing everything after May 2023, which is a frustratingly large amount of data loss for some. “It’s all my work for the last 1-2 years,” one user commented. “All my business work, all my personal files. Everything just vanished. It must be hundreds of files suddenly gone.”

Google appears to be aware of the issue and is looking into a fix, but the company didn’t comment on what may have caused the problem or when a possible resolution might be found. According to Digital Trends, The Register reported one user found a fix that worked for them, so it’s possible that Google’s team will find something for everyone else. But for now, it’s probably best to look into a backup storage solution.