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Why might you want to cover your face with a digital face shield?

Answer: Anonymity, perhaps? Or just to weird people out.

Closeup of a robotic face. White background.
If you’ve ever wished you could replace your face with a digital one, then you’re in luck. The Qudi Mask 2 will let you do just that, although the reason why is really anyone’s guess.

The face mask, more like a shield, completely covers the wearer’s face while projecting two digital eyes and a mouth. These can reportedly move and change to reflect the wearer’s speech and expression — for example, tilting your head to the side will cause it to make a confused face. The mouth will move as you speak and the eyes can portray more than 30 different moods.

You can also change the display color or add more expressions through the app. And there’s the option to buy a case that will give the mask cat or Shrek ears. The current Kickstarter campaign has already met its target, and the earliest purchasers can expect their units to ship starting in December.