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Why would a drone shoot off its own propellers?

Answer: To take down suspicious drones.

Anti-drone systems are almost as popular as drones themselves, but there’s always a way to improve them, right? That was the thinking behind the Interceptor Drone.

One of the easiest ways to take down a suspicious drone is to hit it with a net, but this presents its own set of problems. The target must either be close enough to the earth to be hit by a ground-based launcher, or you have to send a drone large and powerful enough to carry a launcher, which can be cost-prohibitive to many.

The Interceptor Drone solves both those problems. Designed with the same chassis, motors and propellors as racing drones, the Interceptor is light, sleek and swift. The pilot can use onboard cameras to determine if a suspect drone is friendly or hostile. If the latter, the drone is positioned beneath the target and then shoots off its propellors, which are connected by a Kevlar net. The body of the Interceptor Drone then deploys a parachute to carry it safely back to earth, so the whole thing can be quickly reset and used again once the propellors are retrieved.