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Why would dog owners want a robotic laser-guided poop detection camera?

Answer: The better question is, why wouldn’t dog owners want that?

To some, it might seem like an extravagant use of technology, but for those of us who have ever stepped in a hidden pile of our dog’s business in the backyard, we want to know when this will be commercially available.

Tech aficionado Caleb Olson came up with the idea to train an AI to help him pick up all of his pet Corgi’s poop in the backyard. Using a security camera, Olson first trained the AI on images of the dog pooping, so it could identify when and where deposits were made. It then highlights the locations on the camera’s live feed with colored circles.

Next, Olson added a robotic arm with a green laser pointer. When the camera detects Olson in the backyard, the laser will activate and lead him to each poop spot. He then trained the AI to notice when he picks it up, so that it can erase the circle from the live feed before leading him to the next location.