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Why would you want Netflix with ads?

Answer: Because it’s cheaper.

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Remember what a big deal it was when Netflix first launched its streaming service and there were no ads? It was pretty exciting and has been a hallmark of the brand ever since. Until now.

It seems even Netflix can’t resist the temptation of advertising. Starting next month, the streamer is breaking its ad-less tradition and offering a “Basic with Ads” subscription tier that is exactly what it sounds like. Coming in at $6.99 a month, it will be the cheapest plan, $3 less than the next lowest option.

Keeping that $3 in your pocket will cost you, though. In addition to the ads, which will play for four to five minutes per hour, you won’t be able to view anything in a higher resolution than 720p/HD. And, due to licensing, you won’t have access to Netflix’s full content library, although the streamer did say it is “working on” doing away with that. You also won’t be able to download anything for offline viewing.

But you’ll save $3.