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Will people read the terms and conditions for a free bottle of wine?

Answer: No.

Two glasses of white wine and a wooden plate with cheese and nuts served outside at sunset.
Shutterstock/Slava Zolotko
U.K. think tank Tax Policy Associates proved that no one — seriously, no one — reads the terms and conditions on websites. As an experiment, they hid a condition within their privacy policy that said they “will send a bottle of good wine to the first person to read this.”

This clause was added in February, and the bottle of wine was finally claimed this week. Ironically, it was by someone who had to write their own privacy policy and was reading others for examples. The organization made good on its claim and sent them a 2013-2014 bottle of Château de Sales that retails for around $44.

Dan Neidle, founder of the think tank, said the free wine clause was his “childish protest that all businesses have to have a privacy policy and no one reads it.” Even for free wine.