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Would you pay $270,000 or more for a clip art rock?

Answer: Well, some people are.

Rocks Stones
This is what the Internet has come to.

Gizmodo reported on Wednesday that a new craze has taken over the interwebs, and it’s a real doozy. People are reportedly shelling out the amount of a small house in order to purchase nonfungible tokens (NFTs) of — wait for it — rocks. That’s right, rocks.

Apparently it all started taking off after crypto personality Gary Vaynerchuk tweeted earlier this month about the EtherRock project as one of the “pre-2019 NFT projects” he thought it would be fun to keep an eye on as NFTs grow in popularity. EtherRock offers pet rocks on blockchain, and since Vaynerchuk’s tweet, the price of the rocks has skyrocketed (pun intended).

As of Wednesday, the price floor for these pet rock NFTs was $272,679. The rocks themselves appear to be ever so slightly tinted versions of clip art rocks that can be downloaded for free here.
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