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Bangor International Airport Increases Security

Maine airport adopts software.

by / April 20, 2004
BANGOR, Maine -- The Bangor Police Department, which services the Bangor Maine International Airport, wanted assistance in tightening airport security by screening and validating the identities of passengers and checking suspicious vehicles at the airport. The department selected Worldwide Information's motor vehicle and driver's license records on CD-ROM. The software provides an added tool for police investigations by enabling multicriteria capability searches

The neighboring police department of Scarborough, Maine also adopted the software. Scarborough Chief Robert Moulton said, "On March 2, 2004, I was about to follow up on an anonymous tip about a stolen piece of property. Unfortunately the person who gave me the tip provided inaccurate information on the physical address of the subject, and I had no way of getting further clarification. Using (the) software, I was able to conduct a search using the limited information that I had. The results not only provided me with the accurate address, but also with current and past information on each vehicle registered to the suspect and those of each resident living at the suspect's address. Worldwide's system was very useful in pinpointing the correct address and gaining valuable information to further the investigation in the case."

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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