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New Jersey Public Safety Deploys Wireless Communications

Police agencies get next-generation information tools for wireless devices.

by / October 10, 2003
NEWARK, N.J. -- Several New Jersey law enforcement agencies wanted a wireless system that offered user-friendly operation and the ability to integrate with their legacy system. The agencies sought next-generation wireless capabilities to streamline procedures and allow officers faster response times.

Currently, 15 state agencies are using new software in conjunction with a wireless PC card operating on a wireless network. This wireless solution will provide officers in the field with direct, wireless access to motor vehicle and warrant information, as well as photo images in real time.

The public-safety industry is often concerned with the transition from cellular digital packet data (CDPD) wireless networks to faster and more reliable next-generation CDMA2000 1X wireless networks. New Jersey agencies using the software and the PC card from Sierra Wireless can easily transition to the next-generation network from their legacy communications systems because the software supports all popular public and private wireless networks.

Beyond bridging the conversion gap between legacy and next-generation wireless systems, the Info-Cop software automates outdated query processes to instantly gather background information. Officers have real-time access to local, state and federal crime databases that were traditionally accessed only after several minutes of correspondence with a dispatcher. The combination of powerful software and reliable, high-speed access to information over next-generation wireless networks enables officers to reduce risk in potentially dangerous situations and spend more time on the street rather than on the radio or behind a console awaiting information.

Immediate access to federal, state and local databases empowers officers to assess situations more quickly and accurately and to act accordingly. The solution also improves officer and public safety by enabling real-time tracking and sharing of any summons or warnings issued on the system.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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