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Hackers Successfully Target Wichita, Kan., Twitter Account

The official Twitter account for the city of Wichita was hacked Friday evening and steps are being taken to secure the account, according to city officials. The unauthorized access appeared to have come out of Turkey.

(TNS) — The city of Wichita's Twitter page was hacked, city officials said Friday evening.

"We had two factor authorization enacted and changed passwords recently," city spokesperson Megan Lovely said around 8:30 p.m. "We were alerted by Twitter this afternoon there was a login from Turkey. Then we contacted Twitter immediately and began changing passwords. We hope to have this resolved quickly."

The Eagle reached out to the city after a reporter got an odd message from the city's Twitter page (@CityofWichita), which has more than 22,000 followers. A city spokesperson responded that they had been hacked and just found out.

The message, sent at 4:19 p.m., said that the Eagle reporter's check mark, meaning their account has been verified as a trustworthy source, has been "detected as spam and we will therefore remove it from your account." The message says the decision can be appealed and provided a link. The message ends with a "Thanks" from the "Twitter Team."

"Don't respond to any Twitter scam," said spokesperson Jim Jonas.

The message didn't go to another Eagle reporter that doesn't have a check mark. Lovely said they didn't know yet how many people had been messaged.

The city's Twitter profile picture was blank Friday evening and the page had a padlock on it, meaning it was private and people who do not already follow the account cannot view posts made by the page.

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