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Social Media

Stories related to how government agencies use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to engage with residents, as well as the policies that govern social media practices for the public sector. Includes coverage of the impact of social media companies on government.

Facebook. TikTok. X. In a year that saw major upheaval across popular social platforms, are these sites still viable options for delivering vital public information?
Addressing Carnegie Mellon University this week, Duke University law professor Nita Farahany said ChatGPT was adopted even faster with less safeguards than social media, but we need not repeat the same mistakes.
A survey from the gov tech company Springbrook Software found that most people prefer to pay their local government bills online, but they want easier navigation, better access to data and better payment options.
The Cumberland County Board of Education in Tennessee has joined a lawsuit against Meta and Google for how their products contributed to disordered eating, unhealthy social comparisons and cyber-bullying among students.
Gov. Kathy Hochul has announced $75 million in funding to combat the spike in hate speech and crime in the city. Funds will be used to provide new police technology and social media analysis, and more.
Washington announced this week it has joined dozens of other states to sue Meta, parent company of Facebook and Instagram, accusing the social media giant of fueling a nationwide youth mental health crisis.
State and local government PIOs and social media teams are navigating the drastic changes at what was once Twitter, grappling with unexpected features and shifts in user verification, as they weigh the pros and cons of remaining on the evolving platform.
The official Twitter/X account for the Boulder, Colo., Office of Disaster Management was deactivated to prevent “suspicious activity” after it was apparently hacked over the weekend.
As more universities make use of the anonymous social networking app Fizz to keep students connected, some officials have questions about cyber bullying, misinformation and other malicious online behaviors.
Social media has a portability problem: When users leave one platform for another, none of their followers go with them. That's no small issue for governments that rely on networks to disseminate important information.