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Social Media

Stories related to how government agencies use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to engage with residents, as well as the policies that govern social media practices for the public sector. Includes coverage of the impact of social media companies on government.

The industry group TechNet, which represents several Silicon Valley tech giants like Apple and Meta, is trying to push Maine lawmakers away from ACLU-backed privacy legislation that the group says is too broad.
The Allegheny Valley School District joined a growing list of school districts nationwide that are in the process of pursuing legal action against social media companies like TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.
TikTok Inc.'s popular video app is facing its first statewide ban in the U.S. after Montana’s governor signed a measure Wednesday that will prohibit its download by the general public beginning next year.
The social media business model is simple: Trade Americans’ data for dollars, which has led companies to exploit our children’s anxiety and obliterate their attention spans by keeping them online as long as possible.
As migrants continue to surge to the U.S., they have increasingly turned to TikTok and other social media sites not just for family contact but also for updates on policy changes and how they might affect them.
A popular Oklahoma government TikTok account survived a statewide ban, highlighting what agencies lose when they leave the platform — a unique avenue for communicating with certain groups of constituents.
Traverse City Area Public Schools is at least the 11th district in Michigan to join a national class-action lawsuit alleging property damage, counselor pay and other expenses incurred by student addiction to social media.
A constituent is suing New York City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, who allegedly blocked the person on Twitter. The situation is similar to a successful lawsuit brought against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a few years ago.
California's chief banking says the department was slow to demand fixes at Silicon Valley Bank — too slow for an era in which social media and mobile banking can drive an unprecedented run on deposits.
The platform has undergone several changes since Elon Musk bought it and took it private late last year — especially when it comes to credibility and verification features, critical to government communications.