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Social Media

Stories related to how government agencies use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to engage with residents, as well as the policies that govern social media practices for the public sector. Includes coverage of the impact of social media companies on government.

States readying for the 2022 midterms will need to be prepared to push out truthful information to counteract the spread of fears and false narratives, and holdout states should adopt paper ballots.
As users turn to Facebook to share info about crimes ranging from petty theft to murder, police are struggling to follow false leads on the website — and, sometimes, to protect people wrongly accused of serious crimes.
U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown has stated his opposition to Facebook's cryptocurrency pilot program. He argues the company doesn't respond adequately when its products are shown to harm users.
After a whirlwind of backlash surrounding whistleblower testimony last week, an official now says that the company is willing to allow greater oversight of its algorithm to ensure that it is not harming users.
CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to the claims that his company overlooks child safety concerns and the distribution of misinformation, saying that the social media company is being mischaracterized.
According to California health officials and advocates, disinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines on social media and some news outlets is a major cause of vaccine hesitancy and fear.
As Facebook execs face questions about efforts to market their products to children and the impact they can have, one lawmaker is sponsoring a bill to research the effects of tech on children and public health.
Pressure on Facebook and its affiliated platforms got cranked up to 11 this week after whistleblower Frances Haugen told both 60 Minutes and a Senate subcommittee that Facebook knows some of its effects are dangerous.
Sen. Ed Markey likened Facebook’s business to Big Tobacco’s targeting of minors as the tech giant faced allegations that company leaders favor profits over efforts to stamp down misinformation and hate speech.
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