The university's Lowell campus canceled all classes and operations Tuesday after it lost website and network access. The school's IT department is investigating and has yet to say when services will be restored.
Seeing exponential growth in the undergraduate cybersecurity program it started last year, the university's College of Engineering will offer a master's program this fall and possibly a doctorate program in the future.
Two Russian nationals have been found guilty of participating in hacking that federal authorities say infected tens of thousands of computers globally with malicious programming, including ransomware and other attacks.
Device owners statewide are encouraged to download an app that warns them about malicious links and apps and vulnerable Wi-Fi connections. User privacy has been a core tenet for the app’s design.
Still recovering a few small systems after a ransomware attack eight months ago halted classes for a week, the Illinois college is planning extensive cybersecurity improvements in the coming year.
U.S. armed forces are widely considered the most formidable military force on the planet, the ultimate deterrent to foreign invasion and attack. However, there’s an invisible enemy breaching U.S. defenses all too often.
The town’s municipal computer network is back up and running after a cyberattack one week ago that has been linked to Russian criminals and a global ransomware group, the town manager said Tuesday.
Recent high-profile cyber attacks against prominent U.S. companies have packed a charge behind efforts to craft more meaningful federal cyber policy. Experts, however, say this is easier said than done.
Part of a strategic partnership to help historically black colleges and universities modernize their digital infrastructure and cybersecurity systems, the money will go toward student financial aid and tech services.
A Texas bill proposes creating a volunteer cyber incident response team. Other states have tried their own efforts to harness volunteer talent, discovering strong practices and pitfalls along the way.