Officials yesterday appeared by the Los Angeles International Airport to break ground on a $900 million project that will make the airport accessible by rail. Stakeholders hope the project will help increase ridership.
For the first time, Laredo, Texas, officially recognized June 17 as "Dump the Pump Day" as part of a local initiative to encourage people to cut down on their car usage and utilize public transportation.
Quincy, Mass., believes its residents deserve more Internet service options. Rather than run its own broadband utility, the city plans to own an open access network where competition and automation will reign.
Traffic is so ubiquitous in U.S. cities that until recently, imagining urban life without it meant looking to other nations for examples. Then, in 2020, COVID-19 closures and lockdowns took drivers off the roads.
Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill into law that commits $5.4 billion toward state transportation projects, including more charging infrastructure and incentives for residents to purchase electric vehicles.
Now that Massachusetts is no longer in a state of emergency, ride-share companies and drivers can charge higher prices for rides. A state law prohibited surge pricing during the pandemic.
Researchers from the University of Texas at San Antonio want to evaluate whether electric scooters can effectively collect data on everything from weather to traffic. The tech needed for the research is in development.
Peachtree Corners, Ga., is testing new technology that allows vehicles to communicate with their surroundings in the hopes of ultimately bettering public safety and traffic flow through the enhancements.
By slowing down drivers 2 miles per hour in strategic areas during high-risk times of day, the startup and its government partners found they could reduce highway crashes in Southern Nevada.
A report released this week by the California Energy Commission found that charging infrastructure isn't being built fast enough in the state to meet its lofty transportation and climate change goals.