A proposal by on-demand scooter company Bird faced hesitation from city leaders. Some voiced safety concerns about the vehicles being used on the stretch of U.S. Highway 30 that runs through the city.
Researchers from the University of Texas at San Antonio want to evaluate whether electric scooters can effectively collect data on everything from weather to traffic. The tech needed for the research is in development.
Earlier this week, city council members in Waterloo, Iowa, changed a number of local ordinances so that residents can start renting e-scooters from California-based company Bird. The scooters will arrive next week.
City leaders in Davenport, Iowa, have voiced concerns about the introduction of Bird electric scooters to the downtown area. One concern is that the devices could pose a danger in bike lanes.
If passed, the new ordinance would regulate electric bicycles and motor-assisted scooters that are rented for a fee, and not affect use of personal e-bikes or scooters or other vehicles like golf carts, mopeds or motorcycles.
The city of Boulder established new regulations for micomobility devices, outlining where they are allowed to be located and where they can legally go. In January 2020, officials considered banning some services from the city.
Once an overlooked part of the urban landscape, the curb is now considered hot real estate in many cities. The demands of delivery services, ridesharing and micromobility have cities re-examining how they manage their assets.
Scooter companies like Lime and Bird are introducing new products to the micromobility landscape in a number of cities. Meanwhile, New York City is introducing its first scooter pilot project.
One California community is taking another look at where electric bikes are allowed. The devices have surged in popularity and fly in the face of signs warning “no motor vehicles or motorized bicycles.”
A federal district court in southern California has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s collection of real-time trip data from shared mobility providers.