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Stories about what communities do after a disaster. This includes physical cleanup efforts and work to restore essential services to residents and businesses.

Firefighters initially responded to a call about 8 a.m. regarding a vehicle in the San Marcos Creek crossing. A mother and her 5-year-old son were trying to cross a road that had been flooded.
Services have been relocated in accordance with the agency’s disaster plan, and the new locations can accommodate all the patients who were previously visiting this central location.
If you live in an evacuation zone, will you be able to stay with friends or family nearby who don’t — or, will you plan to go to a shelter? If you’re not in an evacuation zone, do you have a room for others to stay in?
Working with FEMA and other state agencies following the flood, many families opted to either remain in their damaged homes or move into mobile homes temporarily during the warm, summer months.
As a Category 1 storm at its strongest, Nicole did not exactly break records for wind ferocity or storm surge height, but it came on the heels of devastating Category 4 Hurricane Ian a mere six weeks earlier.
The CDC switched up the contractors who run the national program for some 25,000 responders and survivors outside of the New York area and the prescription drug benefits for the entire program.
Survivors of natural disasters — especially the hurricanes that have hit the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico the past two decades — report years of neglect, chaos and mismanagement of emergency response.
In Osceola, at the Heart Memorial Library, the county’s disaster recovery center, a steady stream of residents seeking assistance after the hurricane walked in and out of the building.
Deborah Beidel, a psychologist and University of Central Florida psychology professor, said those who found their homes uninhabitable after the storm may experience trauma responses to cope with the losses.
Landing at the Southwest Florida Regional Airport, Biden will be joined by First Lady Jill Biden and officials with FEMA who plan to board a helicopter and fly over heavily hit areas.