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Smart Cities

Coverage of the sensor-connected cities collecting and harnessing data on traffic, air quality, crime and more to create safer, more efficient urban centers.

The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance announced the start of the Connected Colorado Challenge June 30, calling for innovative technology solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing cities in the state.
The deal will strengthen efforts by Siemens on smart city and infrastructure technology. Brightly, which sells its technology to public agencies, schools and hospitals, has some 12,000 clients.
The smartphone-based congestion-pricing technology being tested in Bogota, Colombia, is showing promise. Some major U.S. cities are also looking at solutions to better manage their own crowded roadways.
A $17 million effort to expand smart intersection technology across St. Charles County will give automatic right of way to first responders en route to an emergency. Around 210 of the more than 350 lights have the technology.
The software provider, which uses AI to predict danger, recently demonstrated its products to the Florida DOT. A company executive details the company’s visions and plans as pedestrian and cyclist deaths increase.
Ten transportation technology companies were selected for eight-week project deployments in the New York City metro region to explore artificial intelligence, sustainability and other technology areas to innovate transit.
Micromobility operators Superpedestrian and Helbiz will partner with Populus to gather and analyze trip, crash, infrastructure and other data to give cities better planning tools to make bike and scooter travel safer.
It's not just the major metropolises. Small cities can also benefit from technology, but sometimes struggle with fitting the right tech for their needs, along with antiquated procurement processes.
Watchers of micromobility are seeing closer partnerships and collaborations between scooter and bike-share operators and other providers of mobility services such as public transit and ride-hailing.
The SmartCityPHL project in Philadelphia is a partnership among the city, Comcast and US Ignite that aims to help collect real-time data related to air quality, weather, transportation and more.