How Artificial Intelligence Fits into State and Local Government

Plus, how to win at gov tech, no more secret surveillance in local law enforcement, and more...


How AI Fits into Government Artificial intelligence isn't so much a new tool as it is a new way of doing things. The paradigm promises automation of all kinds of functions, including some that people previously thought only humans were capable of. So how is government using it, and how might government use it in the future? We have some ideas.

Ask Joe: How Does One Win in Gov Tech? The head of research at e.Republic shares insights on what it looks like to win when selling technology to the public sector.

Opinion: No More Secret Surveillance in Local Law Enforcement The Los Angeles Times argues that surveillance technology needs to become more transparent as it becomes more effective.

Sacramento, Calif., to Pilot ShotSpotter Tech
Although Sacramento already uses ShotSpotter technology in other areas of the city, a rash of shootings in South Sacramento has prompted county supervisors to launch a two-year pilot project in a 3-square-mile sliver of the unincorporated county.

Missouri City Picks Tyler Technologies for Systems Modernization The city of Independence, Mo., has signed two contracts — for a combined $5.29 million — with Tyler Technologies for the company to modernize the city's software for municipal court, financial and human resource management systems.




What Technologies Do Cities Use to Engage Citizens? There are a lot of options to choose from. But as Governing magazine and Living Cities found in a survey last year, social media reigns supreme.


GovTech companies on our radar this week:

Polco: A civic engagement company that lets government officials ask questions of constituents, and cross-references the data with voter registration information to provide more details insights.

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Alternative Transit Tech Grows in Cities with Transit Problems (Washington Post)

Researchers Find Security Flaw in Estonia's National ID Cards (Schneier on Security)

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