November 2012

What Will Higher Education Look Like in 25 Years?

Education experts discuss options like massively open online classes and affordable access to college.

Can Technology 'Cure' Health Care’s Future?

Though the future of health care is cloudy given the many changes that will take place over the next several years, it's clear that technology will play a vital role in making the system more sustainable.

Behavioral Data and the Future of Predictive Policing

In the future, behavioral data and clues from virtual interactions may help cops stop bad guys before they've even drawn up a plan -- like the 2002 blockbuster Minority Report.

U.S. Roads and Bridges Are Getting Smarter

Experts make predictions on next-generation transportation infrastructure.

Raleigh Connected Initiative Seeks to Promote Workforce Training (VIDEO)

Raleigh, N.C., prepares for the future with broadband push and digital inclusion efforts.


4 Things Project Managers Can Learn From Having a Baby

Planning is key, but so is flexibility.

Four Questions

Robert Atkinson Discusses the Future of IT Innovation

As founder and president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, Atkinson says a barrier to innovation in government is a lack of competition.

Point of View

Government Technology’s 25th Anniversary Issue

A look at the future of transportation, higher education, health care and public safety.

Product Review

Product Review: HP EliteBook 2560p

Lightweight yet sturdy notebook PC resists dust, bumps and spills.


Spectrum: Twin Cities Cycling Map, Robotic Bees

Japan cracks down on illegal music downloads.