AUSTIN, Texas -- April 3, 2004 -- Crossroads Systems Inc. and LeftHand Networks have announced a strategic partnership for the joint development of technology to provide high-performance Fibre Channel SAN services to departmental IP-based servers currently using direct-attached storage.

Utilizing LeftHand's SAN technology, Crossroads will be able to provide a platform that delivers a full set of storage management features, including centralized storage management, nondisruptive scalability, automated failover and automated data migration.

"With this alliance, we have taken a significant step to expanding our reach in the overall SAN market," said Rob Sims, president and chief executive officer of Crossroads Systems. "The jointly developed product will deliver the breadth and power of LeftHand's SAN/iQ operating system on a Crossroads platform designed to consolidate and ease the management of disparate, multivendor IT infrastructures and systems."

The joint solution is expected to be available late this year.

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Blake Harris  |  Contributing Editor