percent of businesses. Business users spend an average of 19 percent of their workday using e-mail, and corporate e-mail traffic will double by 2009, from 64.9 to 120 billion messages a day.

These numbers simply reiterate the cornerstone role e-mail plays in today's organizations. And they suggest that companies expand their view of e-mail archiving. More than insurance against non-compliance lawsuits or system crashes due to storage capacity shortfalls, an e-mail archive is a gateway to a growing repository of organizational intelligence. In short, e-mail archiving can provide a better understanding of the company, its customers, and its opportunities for growth and improvement. And that kind of revenue-generating point of view might just encourage more companies to embrace the e-mail archiving advantage.

Kieron Dowling is president and CEO of Jatheon Technologies Inc,


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Kieron Dowling is president and CEO of Jatheon Technologies, Inc., the designer, developer, and marketer of an industry leading, non-intrusive network appliance, simplifying archiving, indexing, retrieval and dynamic monitoring of corporate e-mail and messaging data. Learn more about Jatheon at, and contact Kieron at