New Mexico Web Site Keeps Citizens Abreast of Crime Trends

Who is getting out of jail? What crimes are on the rise? Those questions are among those that are answered by visiting a unique Albuquerque Web site.

by / October 15, 2002
ALBUQUERQUE - The New Mexico city has developed a unique e-government site that keeps its citizens abreast of crime in the city.

The 24-hour Web site, combined with some nifty Cognos software, analyzes and reports on crime stats in the area. Who is getting out of jail? What crimes are on the rise in the city? Those are some of the questions that can be answered by visiting the site, which provides daily updates on the local crime scene.

The city was looking for a business intelligence solution that would offer a way for the average citizen to access this kind of information quickly and easily. They found it in the Cognos Series 7. The city is now able to provide answers to pertinent questions immediately to citizens in one of the nation's largest cities.