Unisys Corp. announced today that its Registered Traveler program, rtGO, is open at Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Registration began in May and members have begun receiving their rtGO cards, which they will use at specially designated security lanes to verify their identity and pass through airport security quicker and more efficiently.

The Registered Traveler credentials -- smart cards with an internal computer and dozens of security features that prove authenticity, prevent fraud and block unauthorized access to protect the passenger's private information -- are supplied by Gemalto, which also makes security technology for the new U.S. electronic passports.

Registered Traveler, which began as a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pilot program in the summer of 2004, permits frequent fliers to obtain a biometric credential -- a unique identifier, such as a fingerprint or iris scan -- that enables them to navigate airport security checkpoints more efficiently without compromising the security standards TSA has implemented. Unisys ran three of TSA's five pilot programs.