In a complimentary report published today, Hidden Truth: How Information Management Mistakes Wreak Havoc in the Public Sector, ReymannGroup Inc. details how the ubiquitous nature of information creation, storage and sharing is driving each government agency to seek better ways to control, track and report what is happening to its information at all times.

"With today's 'inverted security model,' users share sensitive data inside and outside of the network and throughout the virtual environment," stated Paul R. Reymann, CEO of ReymannGroup Inc. "Agencies are looking for solutions that protect information regardless of where it resides, where it is sent, or how it is used. We found that Enterprise Rights Management enables agencies to implement persistent security that successfully protects the actual data or document throughout its existence -- including while in use. This is in contrast to traditional approaches that focus solely on data at rest or in transit."

The ReymannGroup report was written in collaboration with Liquid Machines and shares practical examples of how public sector agencies are adopting Enterprise Rights Management technology to establish a successful information-centric approach to security. A complimentary e-seminar that explores the trends, risks, and best practice strategies is also available.