Ridge Announces High Threat Grants

$700 million available for cities, counties and partners

by / May 21, 2003
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced how it will allocate the $700 million in high threat grants contained in the FY 2003 supplemental appropriations bill. Included in this total is:

* $500 million in Formula Grants (30 cities and their contiguous counties and mutual aid partners)
* $75 million in Port Security Grants
* $65 million for Mass Transit Security
* $35 million for Radiological Defense Systems
* $15 million for Pilot Projects
* $10 million for Technical Assistance to State and Local Jurisdictions

Most of the funding will flow through the states, which can keep up to 20 percent. However, according to DHS staff, any money kept by a state will have to be spent on homeland security activities within the selected area.

In addition, the states, selected areas and DHS will work together on determining how the money will be spent. Funding allocations among the cities, contiguous counties and mutual aid partners will be based on an urban area assessment and preparedness plan. This means that funding could go to multiple jurisdictions within a metropolitan area.

The states will have 45 days to allocate this funding once received from DHS. In the meantime, DHS will develop an application process and more information will be provided. The United States Conference of Mayors