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The AI–Ready Public Sector

Unlocking Your Organization’s Data, Analytics, and Platform Potential

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Artificial Intelligence
How Microsoft is Changing the Public Sector with Artificial Intelligence
State and local governments face unprecedented challenges in the 21st Century. From smart data management to deploying citizen-ready digital infrastructure and managing a remote workforce, artificial intelligence can add a much-needed force multiplier across many applications. Microsoft is at the forefront of AI deployment with unmatched expertise, scope and scale. Read further to learn more about how Microsoft and its partners can help transform your government, your schools and your workforce.
State and local agencies can find effective solutions by identifying their goals first. In this Q&A, Keith Bauer, director of data and AI for state and local government at Microsoft, shares advice on how to get started.
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State and local governments face relentless cyber threats. Hackers are using technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to automate how they infiltrate systems and gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. In this valuable webinar, we’ll look at what organizations need to do now to get ready for an AI-enabled cybersecurity future.
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Case Study
Agencies are often overwhelmed by too much data coming from too many sources. This case study profiles the experience of the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services as it has sought to transform its data management practices to make better-informed decisions for its constituents, using a variety of Microsoft solutions.
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Issue Brief
State and local governments face relentless cyber threats in an environment that’s becoming harder and harder to secure. Several emerging technologies — particularly AI and machine learning — will better equip governments to confront these threats.
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Issue Brief
To fully embrace analytics and optimize their use of data, schools must first improve data management and establish a stronger data infrastructure. Learn how schools can hone their data infrastructure to drive outcomes and secure sensitive student and faculty data.
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  • We bring together thought leadership and research relating to digital transformation and innovation in the public sector. We highlight the stories of public servants around the globe, while fostering a community of decision makers. Join us as we discover and share the learnings and achievements of public sector communities.
  • Description HereCyber-attacks against state and local governments are increasing and accelerating – even before COVID, two-thirds of attacks targeted state and local organizations.
  • A report by The Economist Intelligence Unite found that a tech skills gap in government is not likely to abate soon. Microsoft, together with LinkedIn and GitHub, is proud to partner with governments to tackle these challenges and opportunities. Here's how.
This Microsoft-sponsored white paper by The Economist Intelligence Unit explores—through an international survey, expert advisory panel, and academic literature review—the importance of social and emotional learning.
Researchers around the world are using Microsoft Azure to accelerate their research. Learn how to accelerate your research with Azure Research credits, cloud training, and resources from Microsoft.