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The AI–Ready Public Sector

Unlocking Your Organization’s Data, Analytics, and Platform Potential

Reimagining education requires modernizing the learning experience with data-driven decisions that focus on students’ needs. Join us in this webinar, centered on K–12 education solutions, to learn how educators and education leaders can get analytics and real-time data from students, such as assignments, activity levels, and even emotional check-ins, to make informed decisions.
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Two young students working on a laptop in a classroom.
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Better data analytics can improve student achievement, educator evaluation, campus safety and more. Many education leaders understand the value of data and want to use it to tackle key challenges and support proactive decision-making
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Data and technology complexity in education has increased as schools have adopted digital collaboration tools and videoconferencing platforms. As these institutions have expanded their technology ecosystem, they’ve also expanded their attack surface and become high-profile targets for cyber threats
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Technology adoption has accelerated in schools, largely due to the need to support hybrid and blended learning models, strengthen security and ensure learning continuity during a disruptive time.
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A massive influx of federal funding over the last two years has dramatically changed education IT, giving schools money to invest in connectivity and software-as-a-service (SaaS) learning solutions and platforms
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the foundation for several emerging solutions that feature strong built-in security, automation and insights.
Learn how schools can hone their data infrastructure and policies to make better use of information to drive outcomes and ensure sensitive data are safe and secure.
This self-directed learning series is designed for education decision-makers to illustrate the true transformational impact of AI in education.
Learn how to access federal dollars, adopt self-service AI tools at individual schools, and how to train educators.
To build on the technology improvements, over the last two years, schools will need to develop a stronger technology implementation strategy.
A massive influx of federal funding over the last two years has dramatically changed education IT. Download this paper to learn how to build a future-ready technology infrastructure.
The Data & AI Element
  • Education Insights provides the framework to ensure students acquire the skills necessary for the 21st century. We improve student academic and emotional well-being by transforming the data into actionable insights for educators.
  • Open Education Analytics is an open source community coordinated by Microsoft Education. We collaborate with education systems across the world to develop modern data intelligence capabilities.
  • To fully embrace analytics and optimize their use of data, schools must first improve data management and establish a stronger data infrastructure. Here's how to get started.
  • The Nebraska Department of Education set out to create a deep and complex data lake to provide access to data in a an actionable format—thus giving individuals, schools, and districts the power to identify who needs what information and when.
  • As academic and technology stakeholders continue to expand and refine AI and machine learning, the underlying theme across all industries is to apply responsible and ethical AI strategies while growing the population of workers who understand these systems.
  • Researchers around the world are using Microsoft Azure to accelerate their research. Learn how to accelerate your research with Azure Research credits, cloud training, and resources from Microsoft.
The Security & Compliance Element
The Skilling Element