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The AI–Ready Public Sector

Unlocking Your Organization’s Data, Analytics, and Platform Potential

State and local agencies can find effective solutions by identifying their goals first. In this Q&A, Keith Bauer, director of data and AI for state and local government at Microsoft, shares advice on how to get started.
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Data underpins so much of the work governments do. Too often, agencies take a reactive approach to how they manage and deploy data. As the public sector looks to integrate emerging technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, agencies will need to establish a solid foundation to be more digitally enabled and data-driven.
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To make the most of emerging innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), state and local governments must first make sure they have a proper foundation in place. That means assessing their readiness across four areas: data quality, cybersecurity, funding and implementation.
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The recent influx of federal aid has offered a tremendous opportunity for state and local governments to advance IT and accelerate technology modernization. As new federal funding streams begin to be deployed — like the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) — state and local governments will also need to develop a framework for applying federal funding and putting it to highest and best use.
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Orange County Superior Court in California faced a range of data management and operational challenges. Thanks to a major data management initiative, the court has evolved into a data-driven organization that has already become a national model. Download this paper to learn how Orange County leveraged data to transform operations.
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Cybersecurity must be "baked in" to every new solution and every modernization effort. To combat growing cyber threats, governments must integrate security tools and strategies into every stage of IT planning and implementation. In other words, cybersecurity must be "baked in" to every new solution and every modernization effort. That approach has transformed the security posture for the city of Frisco, Texas.
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Eve Machol, Microsoft’s director of Airport and Transportation Industry Innovation, invites airport leaders to a webinar discussing the viability of digital twins to improve airport operations, the traveler experience and sustainability.
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Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to implement innovative technologies within your community.
Strengthening cybersecurity is more urgent than ever. Expansion of remote work and digital service delivery altered the risk landscape. And attacks have become more serious and wide-ranging. Fortunately, new funding is available for cybersecurity upgrades. This brief explores how to make the most of new cybersecurity investments.
Watch this webinar to hear from government experts in public safety and justice, public finance, public health and social services, and critical infrastructure at Microsoft about the key areas and steps you can take to protect your organization from unwanted threats.
State and local governments now have a tremendous opportunity to make nearly every facet of their infrastructure future-ready.
State and local governments now have a tremendous opportunity to make nearly every facet of their infrastructure future-ready.
The Data Element
  • Read how artificial intelligence and machine learning this presents an exciting opportunity to move to near-real-time detection and reporting of discrepancies on tax data to the government.
  • Put AI into action in local government to turn meaningful innovation into mission-critical solutions in a reliable and trusted way
  • In response to the unique and evolving requirements of the United States public sector, Microsoft has created Power Apps US Government, which consists of several plans for US government organizations.
  • We bring together thought leadership and research relating to digital transformation and innovation in the public sector. We highlight the stories of public servants around the globe, while fostering a community of decision makers. Join us as we discover and share the learnings and achievements of public sector communities.
  • We brought together thought leaders from federal, state and local governments to address the challenges of today. Hear their thoughts on delivering cybersecurity, sustainability, mission impact, data-driven excellence, workforce skills, research, and innovation.
  • We are committed to the advancement of AI driven by ethical principles that put people first.
The Security and Compliance Element
  • Knowledge is powerful. This report encompasses learnings from security experts, practitioners, and defenders at Microsoft to empower people everywhere to defend against cyberthreats.
  • State and local government cyberattacks are increasing every day. Join us in this webinar where we’ll help you get started on your cybersecurity plan in advance of Federal funding initiatives.
  • Cyberattacks against Ukrainian government websites and affiliated organizations have been working to disrupt operations in the country including financial, defense, aviation and information technology.
  • State and local governments face relentless cyber threats in an environment that’s becoming harder to secure. Several emerging technologies — particularly AI and machine learning — will better equip governments to confront these threats.
  • The recent cybersecurity EO sets out to modernize the government’s IT infrastructure to enable the nation to be more proactive when dealing with cyber threats. To achieve this, the government should partner with industry in fortifying cybersecurity postures.
The Skilling Element
  • Are you an IT professional or a developer looking to skill-up on the latest technologies, add to your toolbox, or help drive change in your organization? Experts will help you learn Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, or Microsoft Power Platform. Register now!
  • LinkedIn Learning offers world-class content, an engaging learning experience, strategic insights and a robust learning platform that can foster a culture of learning within your agency. Sign up today to give your employees the opportunity to learn and grow.
  • A report by The Economist Intelligence Unite found that a tech skills gap in government is not likely to abate soon. Microsoft, together with LinkedIn and GitHub, is proud to partner with governments to tackle these challenges and opportunities. Here's how.
  • Check out the Industry Learning Paths to get access to Government and Education-specific content.
  • These webinars are designed to help government and defense & intelligence employees’ skill up on the latest workforce trends and technologies.
  • At Microsoft, we’ve recognized six principles that we believe should guide AI development and use — fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability. Learn more in our self-directed docs.