Post-Consolidation, Nebraska Turns to Applications

CIO Ed Toner talks about how the state is taking stock of applications now that consolidation is out of the way.

Ed Toner
Government Technology
BALTIMORE — After a consolidation of IT infrastructure, Nebraska — specifically state Chief Information Officer Ed Toner — is turning attention to applications. At the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) Midyear conference in Baltimore, Toner talked to Government Technology about the effort.

Agencies submit technology plans for review every two years, but now that the process of application evaluation is underway, the review of users, platforms, security and more is taking on added importance. Ultimately, the process weeds out outdated or unused apps and pushes resources toward tools that drive state services forward, Toner explained.

“We’ve really solved a lot of problems on the infrastructure side and now we are taking a really close look at what kind of applications do we have, and are we really supporting them with the correct infrastructure?” he said.

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