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ChatGPT Gets Personal With Its Latest Feature

A new feature being tested with a small user group would allow ChatGPT to memorize information and data about its users. The software would recall personal preferences to customize the user experience, company officials say.

(TNS) — The chatbot ChatGPT will soon be able to memorize information and data about its users.

The function is initially being tested in a small group. For example, software could remember that you have a daughter who likes jellyfish - or in which format you prefer to receive summaries of meetings at work, the developer company OpenAI explained on Tuesday.

If you then ask ChatGPT to design a birthday card for your child, for example, the picture could include a jellyfish wearing a party hat.

In order for ChatGPT to memorize information about users in future, they must ask the chatbot to do so the first time the function is executed. You can then also query what the software knows about you - and delete all or individual details.

The memory function is intended to make the chatbot more useful. Temporary chats are available for conversations without personalization. The information from these chats is not used for further training of the software.

ChatGPT is the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that triggered much AI hype a year ago.

AI chatbots such as ChatGPT are trained with huge amounts of information and can formulate texts at the linguistic level of a human.

The principle behind this is that they estimate word for word how a sentence should continue. However, it can still give completely wrong answers, even if it only recieved factually correct inputs.

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