Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced California will launch a digital vaccine verification system. While details on the system haven't been revealed, some experts have voiced concerns about privacy and transparency.
When police overuse DNA databases and facial recognition, they violate rights, often disproportionately. Policy should limit use of DNA databases and facial recognition to cases involving significant danger to society.
A data privacy bill was approved by the Colorado Legislature yesterday. If Gov. Jared Polis signs the bill, Colorado would follow in the footsteps of a number of states, including California and Virginia.
The proliferation of Internet ads and Big Tech’s staggering pandemic profits have fueled bipartisan efforts to tax digital ads or find other ways to capture revenue from tech companies’ mining of personal information.
Hackers gained entry into the networks of Colonial Pipeline Co. on April 29 through a virtual private network account, which allowed employees to remotely access the company’s computer network.
Spot, a robot dog produced by Boston Dynamics, has been employed by a few police departments over the last couple of years, raising the antennas of surveillance critics. Does Spot have a future in public safety?
For about two years, the Anchorage Police Department in Alaska accidentally uploaded personal information of individuals involved in traffic accidents to LexisNexis. A system malfunction caused the leaks.
The cashless parking app used in several U.S. cities announced that it had been breached by a cyberattack earlier this year. According to ParkMobile, no credit card information was accessed in the incident.
Iowa Workforce Development is warning residents about an attempt to steal personal information through a fraudulent website that mirrors the state’s official unemployment portal.
An investigation revealed that more than 40 law enforcement agencies in Minnesota used facial recognition tech from Clearview AI. Experts have raised questions about the legality and reliability of this tech.