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Emerging Tech

Potentially transformative technologies that haven't yet reached broad adoption in government. Includes coverage of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR), blockchain, chatbots, drones, voice assistants, etc.

Regulators are going after the cryptocurrency industry, which generates trillions of dollars. Crypto firms are seeking lobbyist support in Washington, D.C., as legal arguments reach a higher boiling point.
A self-driving tech company, a truck manufacturer and FedEx have teamed up to test autonomous vehicle deliveries between Dallas and Houston in Texas. The tests will have human safety drivers.
Tech company SAP is promoting the use of virtual reality to help students gain the skills they need for the job market. The company offers a VR program designed to assist students from underserved communities.
Michigan and Indiana are in a contest of sorts. Both states want to become the first in the nation to have wireless charging infrastructure on a public road so that electric vehicles don't have to plug in for power.
Now residents can call for help via certain Amazon Alexa voice-activated devices in homes. The move comes as emergency dispatchers seek more detailed information from callers and as 911 technology improves nationwide.
The university is one of the latest schools in the country to deploy a fleet of semi-autonomous delivery robots called Kiwibots. The robots are available through an agreement between food-service provider Sodexo and Kiwibot
A six-mile traffic technology testbed in Tennessee will utilize some 300 high-definition cameras to analyze and understand traffic flow. The project will include researchers from major universities as well as automakers.
According to recent findings, more and more human resources professionals utilize artificial intelligence in evaluating employees. But such tech can lead to unfair employee appraisals or outright discrimination.
Plus, Japan tests the world’s fastest Internet download speeds, New York state bans Zoom weddings and the world’s smallest battery-free camera helps uncover the fate of a very tiny snail in Tahiti.
Detroit will be one of three cities to launch autonomous delivery programs using Kiwibots. The small, electric devices will travel on city sidewalks and partner with businesses to explore automated deliveries.