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Emerging Tech

Potentially transformative technologies that haven't yet reached broad adoption in government. Includes coverage of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR), blockchain, chatbots, drones, voice assistants, etc.

There are still far more questions than answers about what the rapidly evolving technology will mean for the lives of everyday people when it comes to how we work, learn and use the Internet.
Not since the adoption of the steel frame has there been a development with as much potential to transform the way buildings are conceived and constructed.
A recent budget proposal from the Biden administration to increase federal support for education research efforts could lead to an 'ARPA-Ed' and the discovery of new use cases for AI-driven tools like ChatGPT.
The National Association of State Chief Information Officers has released a resource offering state governments guidance on metaverse technologies, including potential applications for public-sector use.
Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly unveiled a new initiative, "Gig City Goes Quantum," for which the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Chattanooga State Community College will boost training in quantum technologies.
The Syracuse Police Department wants to install automated license plate readers at 26 locations around the city. But without the proper checks in place, the program threatens privacy, civil liberties and civil rights.
Other companies are hoping to do the same, and a few are already doing so, but Starlink and Amazon are the major players in what some experts are calling a “head-to-head rivalry.”
Designed by researchers at Harvard, air-filled robotic grippers that gently grasp objects could enable further study of fragile ecosystems like coral reefs.
A Tuesday webinar at the annual Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) conference explored the pros, cons and potential classroom applications of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT.
Lawmakers in some states — like Washington and Oregon — want to extend emissions and clean energy standards to cryptocurrency mining operations. But lawmakers in many other states see the industry’s growth as a good thing.