The Montgomery County Public Schools district is transitioning all 1,400 school buses to electric models, aggressively retiring diesel buses as more districts explore funding and cleaner transportation options.
As the Smart Columbus project closes out its five-year run, the city is preparing for a new smart city future, building on the projects, successes and lessons learned to begin exploring innovations around renewable energy and closing the digital divide.
In recent months, global auto manufacturers have released plans to electrify their vehicle fleets by 2030 or 2035, setting up a race to see who can most quickly shift entirely away from producing vehicles powered by gasoline.
While so-called sandbox programs do draw in new businesses and industries to a state, some fear that companies will use the opportunity to take advantage of consumers with unfair lending practices and the like.
Relay, an autonomous shuttle program launched in Fairfax County, Va., in October 2020, is offering officials a better understanding of how driverless shuttles navigate live traffic and how to improve work zone safety.
The state’s Department of Banking issued an industry notice last week to let state-chartered banks know that they have the authority to provide custody services for virtual currencies, like bitcoin.
When police overuse DNA databases and facial recognition, they violate rights, often disproportionately. Policy should limit use of DNA databases and facial recognition to cases involving significant danger to society.
New research from the Union of Concerned Scientists found that as electric utilities phase out fossil fuels like coal, the electric cars they recharge far outpace gas-powered cars when considering overall greenhouse gas emissions.
Plus, Baltimore unveils a new data dashboard related to traffic stops; a Tennessee accelerator pushes to boost tech companies in the state; New Mexico seeks to improve Internet access and more.
New funding approved by the U.S. Senate will go toward research and development and strengthening regional economic development, manufacturing and supply chains — if the bill survives in the House.