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Kate Albrecht

Senior Copy Editor

Kate is a copy editor in Northern California. She holds a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in professional writing from the University of California, Davis.

Plus, the American Medical Association publishes statistics on cellphone-related deaths, “adversarial T-shirts” aim to fool facial recognition tech and Craigslist releases an app after 11 years online.
Plus, new tech IDs people by the sound of their bones, the number of tweens who have their own smartphones, and a giant ocean buoy that designers believe will generate enough energy to power a small town.
Answer: By taking a helmet selfie.
Answer: Life-size AirPod stickers.
Answer: By publicly shaming them for being slow.
Answer: $183 per person, on average.
Answer: It appears so.
Answer: To help you make the perfect cocktail at home.
Answer: Blind spots created by the pillars surrounding the windshield.
Answer: With a photo of the fingerprint.
Answer: A selfie that is displayed in space.
Answer: So it could carry all your stuff for you.
Answer: No, but Congress wants them to.
Answer: Because it thought America wouldn't want it.
Answer: Yes, if they’re wearing this new case.
Answer: Yes, but only on one with an OLED screen.
Answer: Not anymore, but it did until just recently.
Answer: An electronic rosary designed for praying in the digital age.
Answer: A new hashtag from the organizers of #MeToo.