Illinois, Puerto Rico Tap AmpliFund for Grant Management

The grant management platform has been integrated for agencies in Illinois and Puerto Rico, with the promise of relieving some of the government’s burden of compliance oversight and finding new funding opportunities.

by / April 24, 2019

Two big governments — the state of Illinois and territory of Puerto Rico — have chosen the same grant management software to handle both applying for and making grants.

According to a news release, Illinois has decided on AmpliFund to automate a new comprehensive, statewide grant-management infrastructure as part of the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act passed by the state in 2014. The stated purpose of the GATA was to make grant selection and oversight less redundant, reduce fraud and waste, clearly define rules to which grants are subjected, and cut back on staff time for all parties involved in a grant.

Developed by StreamLink Software, AmpliFund will be the state’s primary tool for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, guiding everything in the grant process from planning and selection to budget management, accountability and post-award reporting.

According to the statement, 50 public agencies in Illinois can manage their grant funding through AmpliFund, and in the first year of this partnership, the company will implement a subset of its technology for 35 grant-making agencies across the state, as well as all 7,000 recipients.

“These new partnerships really highlight the value that a premiere data-driven, configurable, commercial off-the-shelf platform (has) in not only implementing effectively but quickly as well,” said AmpliFund CEO Adam Roth in a statement.

In Puerto Rico, AmpliFund has been implemented in five agencies over the past eight months, with plans for a complete rollout during the next two years. The partnership is intended to “increase grant funding, drive compliance and reduce risk of all grant funding,” according to the news release.

“AmpliFund is excited to be the first grant management project to onboard five agencies in the first year of a statewide implementation,” said AmpliFund’s Delivery Director Jillian Neimeister in a statement. “We've been thrilled with the speed and effectiveness of the deployment, which has allowed us to quickly onboard hundreds of users and allowed Puerto Rico to identify over $160 million in new funding opportunities.”

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