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Self-Driving Taxi Company Voyage Raises $31M, Plans New Car

Voyage has a fleet of self-driving taxis in The Villages, Fla., a fast-growing community of senior citizens. It plans on using new investment money to expand its fleet and introduce a third-generation vehicle.

by / September 18, 2019
Voyage engineers Alan Mond and Trung-Dung Vu Voyage

Voyage, a self-driving vehicle startup, has raised a $31 million investment round, which it plans to use to try out its technology on a new car.

The company, which operates an autonomous ride-hailing service in The Villages, Fla., has introduced two generations of self-driving vehicles: first, a self-driving version of the Ford Fusion; second, a self-driving version of the Chrysler Pacifica. With a sizable new chunk of money in the bank, the company wants to expand its Pacifica fleet and introduce a third-generation vehicle.

“Together with these new resources, we will deliver an autonomous ride-hailing service to customers who truly need it,” wrote Voyage CEO and co-founder Oliver Cameron in a blog post.

The main thrust of the company’s work so far has been in The Villages, a fast-growing community of senior citizens in central Florida. There, Voyage offers residents a ride-hailing service with self-driving vehicles that max out at 25 miles per hour.

The Series B funding round includes backing from investment funds associated with Jaguar Land Rover and Chevron, as well as Franklin Templeton Investments and Khosla Ventures. Including this round, Voyage has now raised $52 million in investment capital.

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